About us

Our company is focused on the strategical management of investments in Switzerland and abroad. Furthermore, we assist our clients in various fields such as organization, administration, management and consulting as well as in the financial consulting.


Financial & Investor Relations

Our aim is to supply our clients with all the necessary information so that the development of their company value can be assessed realistically in order to thereby define the expectations of the market. It is our goal to increase the investments, to avoid price fluctuations through to low revenues and an underestimation.

Issues Management

We help our clients to:

1. Identify, monitor and analyse political and economic forces and trends that could affect the company.
2. Interpret and define the resulting implications and options to select and implement strategies to deals with these issues.


We use public relations as a proactive instrument to reach the relevant target groups via the media in order to increase through the message conveyed, the product awareness, to deepen the product knowledge and thus to strengthen the product and corporate image of our clients.

Banking & Financial Services

We support our customers with extensive experience in international financial services sector.

Construction & Real Estate

We have an in-depth knowledge in the real estate industry and support our clients on the purchase and management of their real estate and their respective structures.


Bruno Peter

Mr Bruno Peter, a Swiss certified public accountant, overlooks strategies, permanent changes in the laws, regulations and accounting standards, controls compliance and devotes all his energy and creativity to satisfying our clients.

Lionel Billaud

Mr Lionel Billaud - Member of the board

Johanna Tavarez

Ms Johanna Tavarez, supports Bruno Peter as his assistant, carrying out various background work and research.



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